Events and Exhibitions

Upcoming Event: There are no events scheduled at this time, please check back for updates.


Past Events:

Join the artists and makers of Logan Creative for an open studio day on Saturday, December 2nd between 2 pm and 6 pm.



March 22nd 11-4pm
Meet the Makers
Event sponsored by Orange County Museum of Art
An afternoon to meet the makers in OC and make art! Artist/Maker Andrea Harris McGee at ALHM Press will being working with guests on printmaking project and Glass Artist/ Maker Gregory Price will be doing glass demos and talking with guests about his incredible  work and process. Other Logan Creative and local Artists/Makers will be participating.


Within Our Nature Group Exhibition
and Pacific Symphony/ Wind Up Concert
Over 500 guests were attending this amazing show and gallery event on Saturday the 28th of February. LA Times pick of the weekend! If you were here, you know how epic this night was. If you missed it, you would not want to miss the next time we host an event at Logan Creative Arts!
Santa Ana Sites presents work in public and private spaces around Santa Ana, and thanks to the vision of Sites Artistic Director Allen Moon, the Symphony and wild Up perform together at Logan Creative, a former staircase factory, and warehouse that has been converted into a compound for working artists and an art space for live performance developed by Jack Jakosky.
Maya BeiserUncovered is a collection of startling classic rock tunes, re-imagined and re- contextualized, in stunning performances by Maya Beiser. Her performance in Santa Ana follows shortly after the August 2014 release ofUncovered, the album.
Brennan David Roach Mixed media drawing – Painting and Printmaking Reception: Logan Creative Lounge Gallery and ALHM Press
Consciousness and environment are the underlining theme for most of my work. I create the environment. My window pieces come together as a collage of separate moments, most of which come from drawings on napkins at bars or restaurants, they’re doodles that come from playful thoughts that at the moment seem completely meaningless. As more drawings develop relationships between these doodles start to rise and a compositions come into view.
Painters Studio Exhibit featuring:
Jane Bauman
Tom Dowling
Claudia Morales McCain